Honey Crisp Spinach Salad, Always Gets a Kiss!

Honey Crisp Spinach Salad

Catering Inspiration

My family enjoys when I make the Honey Crisp Spinach Salad because it is so light and refreshing with fruit, nuts, and cheese all mixed in with fresh greens.  I always get lots of kisses for this rift on what the older generation would call a Waldorf Salad.

Catering Assignment Summary

My client, Lorita, wanted a beautiful green salad with a light dressing. I decided to make one of my most popular salads the Honey Crisp Spinach Salad.

Momma D’s Catering Solution

I immediately decided the Honey Crisp Spinach Salad definitely fit the assignment, it’s delicious and it is our most popular salad.


As always fresh, high-quality ingredients are an absolute must.  This salad had to hold up for an hour.  It could have lasted longer but it is so good that it goes quickly.

We use fresh organic Spinach Leaves with a colorful array of organic mixed baby greens.  We added delicious honey crisp apples, red onions, pecans, cranberries, and herb roasted feta cheese.  Next, we tossed it all with my homemade balsamic vinaigrette dressing and finished with sprinkles of fresh cilantro.

Final Steps

For the final flourish, we covered the rim of the serving bowl with honey crisp apples after I tossed all the ingredients in the bowl.


The Christmas guests thought the salad looked very festive and tasted great. With all the cooking show, now everyone speaks about food in very descriptive ways.  One guest shared the following observation:

The salad was very fresh and tossed lightly with dressing which complimented the taste of the herb feta cheese and the crispy apples one guest shared.

Most guests came back for seconds which required me to make the salad again.  I knew that would happen.  We come prepared.