Garden Vegetable Soup

Soup Du Jour – Garden Vegetable

Tonight I am making Garden Vegetable Soup for Mr. Will Smith’s latest movie production.

Garden Vegetable Soup














The preparation of this soup epitomizes how I approach my food.  Below are the eight steps I take to make this soup special.

First, I get the freshest herbs (mostly from my own garden) and vegetables from local markets on the day that I prepare the soup.

Second, I create a base which is truly my secret sauce.  The base changes somewhat depending on the soup. For the garden vegetable soup we start with high quality low sodium vegetable broth. To the broth I add whole onions, celery, green peppers, thyme, rosemary and whole garlic cloves.  I let that cook for 1 1/2 hours or until it reaches the luscious viscosity I’m looking for.

The third step is to remove all the solid ingredients from the pot.  I discard any rosemary and thyme stems.  Then I cut the onion and the green peppers in half.  Then,I add all the remaining solid ingredients into a food processor.  I process until the ingredients are married to one another and mostly creamy.

In the fourth step I put all the married ingredients back into the pot with the broth and cook it for at least an hour until I get the proper viscosity and taste.  That is my base.

The fifth step occurs while the broth is cooking for the second time.  That is when I prepare my garden vegetables, making sure the vegetables are cut properly and that I have my specific special spices for the soup.

For the sixth step I add the garden vegetables and the specific special spices to the base and let it cook for approximately one hour.

The seventh step involves letting the soup rest and marry some more.

Once rested properly, the eight and final step is to arrange the presentation including any condiments that enhance the marriage of the soup ingredients.

The Second Soup Du Jour – Asian Wonton Noodle

The second soup I will provide the cast and crew tonight is an Asian Wonton Noodle Soup.  I will write about it another day.

Asian Wonton Soup