Deviled Eggs – The Devil & The Details

Deviled Egg Platter

Deviled Eggs Inspiration

This deviled eggs platter was created with my dear friends,  neurosurgeon Dr. Thomas Smith and his wife Lorita in mind.  They give many fabulous parties that are a lot of fun.  They always serve the finest bourbons, scotches, and wines along with dramatic and very tasty food.  When I cater to their occasions I know that I have to bring it.

Thomas doesn’t eat meat and he likes food spicy, but Rita eats everything…almost.  My first time making deviled eggs this way was at their Holiday (Christmas) party.

Catering Assignment Summary

We are serving fabulous people who will appreciate a dramatic appetizer for a fancy holiday party catering to both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

Momma D’s Catering Solution

Deviled Eggs!  Of course deviled eggs, right?  RIGHT?

I can see how that would not be the first choice for most people or caterers.  But this is the type of thing that sets Momma D’s apart.  We took something that is actually pretty simple and elevated it to culinary rock-star status.  Their friends will talk about this dish for decades.  Below is why.


First,  we selected very fresh cage-free eggs.   That is fundamental.  If you skimp on this step you cannot get this dish to your clients at it’s highest level.

Second, at Momma D’s we love our sous vides.  And there is no better way to boil eggs than with sous vide.  The proper temperature for most sous vide eggs is between 140 to 170 degrees and between 1 to 2 hours cooking time.  Let’s say that we found the sweetest spot.

Third, we plunged the eggs into an ice bath for a few minutes to stop any further cooking.

Fourth, we carefully sliced the eggs so that each half was uniform.  We scooped out all the beautiful yellow yolk.

Fifth, We mixed the yolks with our best spices (salt, garlic salt, pepper).

Sixth, we spooned the egg yolks into the egg white halves and placed them on a platter of julienned romaine lettuce.

Seventh, we sprinkled all the halves with fine smoked paprika and dill.

Final Steps

In our final step, we separated the meat eaters from the vegetarians and we did it with a kick. For the meat eaters, we added Applewood smoked bacon.  for the vegetarians, we added a thin slice of fresh Jalapenos.

How Does It Taste

 The feedback was that they really enjoyed both versions of deviled eggs, the appetizer.  The bacon with the egg reminded many of the classic breakfast combinations but in a more refined way.    The Jalapeno version was said to provide an enjoyable kick to the traditional deviled egg.  Some guests enjoyed both treatments and there appears to be an appetite for Deviled Eggs with Applewood Smoked Bacon and a Thin Slice of jalapeno.