Baked Salmon Herbs, Spices & Butter

Baked Salmon with Herbs, Spices and Butter

I am inspired to make this baked salmon with herbs, spices, and butter because I love eating fish.  I learned how to make it different ways so that I would not get tired of eating it.   For me, It is fun and adventurous to cook fish with different fresh herbs and spices.   Salmon is such a versatile food to work with. I enjoy baking, broiling, and even frying it.

Fresh Ingredients

As with all seafood, one key to success is it has to be high-quality fresh salmon. I used fresh herbs like basil, parsley, rosemary, thyme, garlic, and sweet white thinly diced onions to make this baked salmon.   We are fortunate in that we live in California where we can access the freshest salmon and fresh herbs are plentiful.  I like using dried herbs but nothing beats the fragrance of fresh herbs wafting through the house as I prepare meals such as this herbed fish.


This salmon dish picture was taken at a dinner reception.  The diners People at the dinner reception really loved this salmon dish because it was well prepared, seasoned just right with the fresh herbs, and cooked to perfection. It was a juicy piece of fish.


I love to make fish variations such as teriyaki salmon, honey glazed salmon, and an herb & spinach stuffed salmon.  I also use good white wine on occasion (helps create a great sauce and moist fish).  All of the variations taste great and are well liked.  I can modify each of these dishes to accommodate various dietary needs.  I can quite easily replace or reduce the butter and still produce a tasty dish.  The herbs do a lot of the heavy work in terms of adding flavor.  Whether you add copious amounts of flavor enhancers or rely solely on the herbs, the fish is always the star of the dish.  It must be fresh and not overwhelmed with additions.

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